Breeding Info - Summary

All dogs must have the following carried out before approval for breeding is made:

- Hip and elbow x-rayed and free of dysplasia (maximum of 5 per hip, elbows no more than 1 each)

- DNA testing: Degenerative Myelopathy, MDR1 (no affected or carrier dogs allowed). These two tests are not mandatory ONLY if both parents have been tested and results are "clear - not carriers", as offspring will be clear by parentage.

- Temperament tested and assessed

-  Assessed as per Breed Standard and only allowable breed/s contained within the dog for the purposes of the Development Register

Breeders must also undergo an Ethical Breeder Interview and sign/return our Code of Ethics

The Project's experienced Breeding Advisors must also approve all breedings, to ensure phenotype requirements are in line with the Breed Standard as well as behaviour and genetics are suitable.


Comprehensive DNA Testing via Embark - includes DM, MDR1 and coat colour

(Optional) Coat Length Testing via Orivet