For a long time now, the Australian Government has banned the importation of wolves/wolf hybrids and breeds that contain the wolf.  As such, our bloodline foundations have not had any wolf content.

Our breed was founded in 2014, under the supervision of Australian Lykos Development Project. Our club was later was legally incorporated and re-named the "Lykos Wolfalike Council of Australia".

Since being founded in 2014, we have kept an official registry of dogs we have used in our breeding program and litters born.  All litters from our lines and breeders are provided a copyrighted Certificate of Registration and Pedigree.

Recently, our breed was officially accepted as a "Breed in Development" by the Master Dog Breeders Academy, who have been recognised as a new canine registry by the Australian Government. The MDBA promotes ethical breeding of dogs for health and to their Breed Standard, not supporting show ring "fads" that have ruined many breeds over the years and we share their aims in breeding for health and quality.

The breed has had significant success due to the quality of our foundation bloodlines.  Even in its early stages of development, dogs are used in Government funded scent detection, are accredited Service Dogs and partake in many disciplines of dog sports - as well as being fantastic pets for the average family.  We have also had our dogs used in marketing and advertising, including Volkswagen Australia.

Our main foundation bloodline the breed has been based upon excelled in jobs as guides for the blind, therapy, service, search and rescue dogs, as well as many working and show ring titles.  We have purposefully selected these lines as the foundations of the Lykos Wolfalike breed, directly in line with our vision and goals. 


We strongly advocate ethical and responsible breeding, focussing heavily on animal welfare and going above a beyond in all our endeavours.

Our breeders have over 40+ years combined experience in advanced training/behaviour, and working in veterinary/zoological industries and are exceptional breeders and pet owners.  They have significant knowledge on canine genetics and breed improvement schemes, all having over the years, registered prefixes with Australia's kennel club the ANKC.

Below:  "Lykosia Caesar" bred and photographed by founder Brooke Taylor from the first Lykos litter (kennel now named Neigelouve). 

Lykosia Caesar