Introducing the Lykos Wolfalike

The aim and purpose of the Lykos Wolfalike Council of Australia Inc ("LWCA" previously Australian Lykos Development Project) is to create a friendly, family companion and highly trainable pet which physically resembles a wolf ("wolfalike"), while having the highest ethics in health and breeding.


This breeding program is the first and only of its kind in Australia, and to our knowledge - the world - as our breed was founded with absolutely no wolf content.  Our Lykos Wolfalike (TM) dogs are a very impressive breed with significant success - even in it's early stages of development. 


There are similar "breeds", some of which are not not recognised by any official kennel club, and some that also contain wolf content (illegal in Australia), as well as "backyard breeders". These breeds or individuals have no affiliation with our organisation.

We are the official sponsoring parent club, founded for the registration, official recognition and ethical breeding of these dogs in Australia. Like all recognised dog breeds in the world, they had to start somewhere.  We follow all correct protocols of governing canine authorities to achieve this recognition.

If you live in Australia, be sure to purchase your puppy from a LWCA registered breeder to guarantee you get the best quality puppy possible from truly honourable and ethical breeders.  There are only 4  Lykos Wolfalike breeders in Australia, Lykosia, breed founder - VIC, Wolfden (QLD) and Dogs in Wolfsuits (NSW). and Waylander (NSW).  For links to our breeder's websites/pages, please click here.

The Australian Government do not allow the import of wolves, wolf hybrids/breeds with wolf content into Australia - with good reason. Although all dogs descended from wolves 10,000 years ago, the temperament of wolves or even wolf hybrids is not something that is desirable in a pet/domestic dog.  They can have unpredictable temperaments and require a huge amount of work.  If animals with any wolf content are discovered in Australia, owners can face severe penalties,  as well as having animals seized and euthanised.

The Lykos is bred as a healthy family pet and working companion dog, yet versatile enough to also be Assistance and Sporting Dogs.

Above: Dogs bred by breed founder and developer, Lykosia.
"Lykosia Caesar" from the first F1 litter was featured in an Volkswagen Australia ad.
He was selected out of a vast group of wolfy looking dogs from all over Australia!

There are Lykos dogs used for scent detection, Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs and TV and commercial dogs.  There are also dogs training to compete in several dog sports.

We are in this for the long haul and we are very passionate about creating magnificent looking dogs of wonderful health and temperament suitable for Australian families.

Over thousands of years, man has created hundreds of dog breeds for many different purposes. New breeds are still in development, even today.  All breeds that exist are a direct result of man-made endeavours to create something new and different for a particular purpose - using pure breeds and crosses to develop their ideals. This is our unique breed we are developing, unlike any other in existence in Australia.  The Lykos Wolfalike name is legally protected via trademark, so our unique breed, pedigrees and bloodlines cannot be copied, used or advertised within Australia by anyone not registered with our association.

Our Code of Ethics is of the highest calibre.  We does not advocate breeding for financial gain, hence the reasonable cost of puppies from our breeders.  Our breeders sell puppies with written health and lifetime genetic guarantees. Only excellent/good hip and elbow results acceptable for breeding.  We also use the technology of the most comprehensive DNA health testing in the world to ensure no dog bred with carries any hidden genetic diseases.

The LWCA is closely managed by a committee of dedicated, knowledgeable people with vast experience in canine behaviour, breeding, health and genetics. The LWCA is operated under a formal legal structure as an incorporated association that is run as a non for profit.


To contact us for club related matters, please email