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Introducing the Lykos Wolfalike

The aim and purpose of the Lykos Wolfalike Council of Australia Inc ("LWCA" previously Australian Lykos Development Project) is to create a friendly, family companion and highly trainable pet which physically resembles a wolf ("wolfalike"), while having the highest ethics in health and breeding. More about the LWCA can be found here.


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This breeding program is the first and only of its kind in Australia, and to our knowledge - the world - as our breed was founded in 2014 with absolutely no wolf content.  Our Lykos Wolfalike dogs are a very impressive breed in development with significant success to date.

The Lykos is bred as a healthy family pet and working companion dog, yet versatile enough to also be Assistance and Sporting Dogs. Even with the breed still in its infancy, there are Lykos dogs doing the following work outside the normal culture of a family pet:-

  • Advertising & Marketing (acting as wolves in ads and movies)

  • Therapy Dogs

  • Qualified Service & Assistance Dogs

  • Scent Detection for Government-funded projects

  • Emotional Support Dogs

  • Tracking / Search & Rescue

  • Sledding / Bikejoring

  • Modelling for photography and artist sculptures

  • Sheep herding

  • Tracking

A lot can be said for the Lykos breed proving themselves to be a brilliant family companion breed, as well as an all-round, reliable working dog that is willing to please and easy to train.  


The proof is certainly in the pudding when it comes to the Lykos!  The future is looking very bright for this developing breed!

"Lykosia Caesar" from the first F1 litter at Lykosia was featured in an Volkswagen Australia ad. He was selected out of a vast group of wolfy looking dogs from all over Australia!
Pictured: Dogs from the breed's first and second generation litters by breed founder Lykosia. Long and short coats are acceptable in the Lykos Wolfalike breed.

The LWCA is operated under a formal legal structure as an incorporated association that is run as a non for profit.  The LWCA conducts itself in line with its Purposes, the Associations Incorporations Reform Act 2012, it's Model Rules, it's Code of Ethics and associated Breeding Procedures.


To contact us for club related matters, please email us

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