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General Procedures

Anyone who wishes to breed the Lykos dog in Australia, and/or Development/Foundation Stock dogs must:

  1. Join as a member

  2. Work with your LWCA registered breeder under their existing kennel name with Agreements being adhered to and in line with LWCA procedures, OR;

  3. Register your own prefix

Executive Committee are to sight health test results of parents of any planned matings, to ensure they are in compliance with the rules before any mating /insemination goes ahead i.e. the parents hip/elbow scores and any relevant DNA testing. Results must be in PDF format and be emailed to the LWCA before mating goes ahead.

The Code of Ethics is designed to protect the breed and bloodlines, and can also be downloaded via the Forms page.


Breeders/Owners raising a litter and Stud Dog owners are required to become members of the LWCA and agree to our Code of Ethics.

For new prefixes, successful completion of the online 'Breeding Dogs and Cats Course' (via Animal Welfare Victoria). (10/2021)

Breeder prefixes must be no longer than 24 characters in total (including spaces), not be identical to, or similar in spelling, or phonetically, to a prefix name already registered by any other breeder or club, which could be deemed to cause misunderstanding, or confusion. Prefixes should follow industry standards.

All dogs must have the following carried out before approval for breeding is made:

-  Dogs to be over the age of 12 months old for hip and elbow x-rays.


-  Hip and elbow x-rayed and free of dysplasia (maximum of 5 per hip, elbows no more than 1 each). Dogs with higher hip scores will be considered on a case-by-case basis i.e. only if they are thought to bring other important qualities to the genepool and if done under the approval of the committee and professional recommendation of a Veterinary Consultant/Specialist.  


-  Hip and elbow x-rays are to be graded by Dr Ray Ferguson BVSc of Monash Veterinary Clinic or any other Officially Registered Canine Health Information Database/Canine Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Scheme panellists (usually for ANKC registered breeds).

- DNA Tested - No affected or carrier dogs of any disease should be bred fromMost comprehensive DNA testing company - Embark

-  If new lines, DNA tested to check breed identification, with only allowable breeds as determined by the Breed Advisors. Dogs will be assessed and approved if they are voted to provide great benefit and qualities to the breed improvement in accordance with the Breed Standard.

-  New bloodlines lines are registered into the stud book once all information is known/provided to the LWCA. There is no charge for new dog registrations, but information pertaining to the dog must be on file with the club before mating proceeds. Certificates can be purchased for $15 each for new dog registrations.

After prospective new Breeders submit copies of all health test results, they must undergo an phone/zoom interview, sign/return our Code of Ethics for approval, submit a membership application and have their breeding premises inspected before being reviewed and accepted as a breeder by Breed Advisors.

Puppy Contracts:

Puppy Sale Contract used by all LWCA breeders for when they sell, give away a dog/ puppy are to be kept current and sent by the LWCA when any updates and made to it.

Hip & Elbow X-ray Procedure

Canine Hip & Elbow Dysplasia Scheme (Correct HD & ED scheme positioning - same as the BVA/OFA method).  Please click here to download hip and elbow x-ray instructions (PDF format).

Veterinarian to scan dog for microchip, which is to be recorded on the grading form and all x-rays.

The onus is on the Veterinarian to ensure that the animals comply with the requirements of the LWCA outlined here.  Failure to meet these requirements will mean that the dog will be required to be re-x-rayed. No attached labels will be accepted as means of positive identification.

The Veterinarian who took the x-ray, must send/email Monash Veterinary Clinic  Attention: Dr Ray Ferguson BVSc) the following:

1.  Completed MVC Hip & Elbow Report Form  Click here to download grading form  (Vet to send to Monash Vet Clinic in PDF Format)

2.  Digital record of the x-rays of the dog's hips and elbows in the correct positioning including positive ID (microchip no) and date on all x-rays (attached labels not accepted). 


Poor positioning of radiographs cannot be accepted. Here is a good article on positioning. Another good one here

The dog is put under a general anaesthetic so the hips and be extended into the correct position.  It is important to take the dog to a vet who has been trained in radiographing dogs in the correct method, so they get the positioning correct.


If the vet is in any doubt, they can call and email Monash Vet for assistance with the digital radiographs to get one of their radiologists to check the positioning.  If it's not adequate, the vet can re-do while the dog is still under general anaesthetic.


The owner is to contact Monash Veterinary Clinic (03) 9544 7455, to make payment ($90) for the grading before any scoring is completed.  Monash Vet email: 

Dr Ferguson will email results to the owner/s. This email can then be forwarded directly to the LWCA. 

*Note: screen shots in messages to a member of committee are not considered as providing these records to the club.

Some Veterinarians may wish to sight the dog's Certificate of Registration & Pedigree when completing the MCV Hip and Elbow Report Form, but this is optional. The most important thing is that the identification matches (i.e. microchip) on all films and forms.

DNA Testing Links

Comprehensive DNA Testing via Embark

(Optional) Coat Length Testing via Orivet


Breeding Procedures

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