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Our club was created in 2014 under the former name "Australian Lykos Development Project" and with that, a Breed Standard, Stud Book and Code of Ethics was created. As soon as the blueprint was set for the breed, as well as the most stringent health testing of animals and the highest standards of breeding set.

We are in this for the long haul and we are very passionate about creating magnificent looking dogs of wonderful health and temperament suitable for Australian families. We hold get togethers and fun days across Australia every few months so owners can get together on pack walks and socialise their dogs. We have over 300 dogs registered Australia-wide, with a few being exported overseas.

Over thousands of years, man has created hundreds of dog breeds for many different purposes. New breeds are still in development, even today.  All breeds that exist are a direct result of man-made endeavours to create something new and different for a particular purpose - using pure breeds and crosses to develop their ideals.


This is our unique breed we are developing, unlike any other in development within Australia.  The Lykos Wolfalike name is legally protected via trade mark, so our breed and pedigrees cannot be copied by anyone not registered with our association.

Our Code of Ethics is of the highest calibre.  We do not advocate breeding for financial gain, hence the reasonable cost of puppies from our breeders who are committed to developing the breed.  We also use the technology of the most comprehensive DNA health testing in the world.

The LWCA is closely managed by a committee of dedicated, knowledgeable people with vast experience in canine behaviour, breeding, health and genetics. In addition, the more experienced breeders are available to mentor any new breeders.

Our organisation incorporated early in 2021, with a larger group of dedicated committee members.


Registered breeders all work together in developing the Lykos Wolfalike breed.

As a club, we issue pedigree papers and certificates of registration for puppies bred by our registered breeders, sell breed related apparel and products, create member newsletters, host get togethers, pack walks, training sessions, competitions and exhibitions for our members. We foster a close community atmosphere and support all owners and their dogs.

Members have access to care and training advice, especially in our Lykos Dog Owners Group, with over 300 members who share the latest happenings and fun achievements.

We are against backyard breeding and breeding for financial gain. We like to help educate the public about responsible breeding practices. 

Our breeders work together as a team for the development of the breed, with the help and guidance of experienced mentors in breeding and behaviour, and our veterinary advocates and modern science for health and genetics, ensure that our breed under development is done in the best way possible.



The aim, purpose and goal of the LWCA is to create an excellent family companion and highly trainable dog which physically resembles a wolf, while supporting our breeders in their goals of breeding for superior health and temperament.  

1. To promote, protect and develop the Lykos / Lykos Wolfalike breed

2. To update the Code of Ethics and other rules and forms as necessary

3.  To promote responsible dog ownership and breeding

4.  To uphold and work within and towards the Lykos Breed Standard

5.  To work towards registering the breed with an all breed (purebreed) canine registry

Our dogs and breeding program recognises the Lykos Wolfalike as the first and only legitimate wolf-look-a-like/wolfalike breeding program of its kind in Australia.


About the LWCA

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