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For a long time now, the Australian Government has banned the importation of wolves/wolf hybrids and breeds that contain wolves, which we fully support and respect.  We do not feel that wild animals make suitable domestic pets.  As such, our bloodline foundations do not contain any wolf content.

Our breed was founded in 2014 by Brooke Taylor, under the supervision of "Australian Lykos Development Project", which set forth a stud book, Breed Standard and Code of Ethics. As a breeder of purebred dogs since 2000, Brooke had had many successes with her bloodlines in Australia, but also on an international scale. 

Brooke envisioned a goal to develop Australia's first wolf-look-a-like breed here in Australia, using healthy dogs with exceptional temperaments, with unique colour and type. Dogs that would be fairly easy for Australian families, but also have the ability to excel in recreational dog sports.

The breed founder (Brooke Taylor - Lykosia) founded the breed from her world renowned purebred bloodlines, whose ancestors excelled in work as guides for the blind, therapy, service, search and rescue dogs, as well as many international working and show ring titles.  The founding dogs Oreo and Meira were selected due to their health results and exceptional temperaments. They were hip and elbow x-rayed, cleared of MDR1 and DM and the first F1 litter was then born in April 2015.  The combination of Meira and Oreo produced some outstanding puppies, which truly hit the nail on the head in terms of ticking all the boxes of Brooke's breeding goals. The combination was repeated again in December 2016.

Puppies from these first two F1 litters went on to be used for Government-funded scent detection projects, as accredited Service Dogs and therapy dogs. We also put them forward for advertisements acting as wolves, Volkswagen Australia. The colours of the F1 puppies were arctic wolf grey, silver agouti and timber wolf agouti, which was exactly what Brooke had aimed for colour-wise. These colours aren't easy to replicate, making these foundation lines quite unique.

Thomas Dachs (Qld) joined the project, and they began working together to develop the Lykos bloodlines. The club was later legally incorporated and re-named the "Lykos Wolfalike Council of Australia" (LWCA). There are now 4 breeders Australia wide.

There have been over 200 dogs registered over the last 8 years. LWCA pedigrees are copyrighted and cannot be used by any unregistered breeder or organisation without prior express permission.

The LWCA strongly advocate ethical and responsible breeding, focussing heavily on animal welfare with LWCA registered breeders going above and beyond in all their breeding endeavours.

Our registered breeders have over 40+ years combined experience in advanced training/behaviour, and working in veterinary/zoological industries and are exceptional breeders and pet owners.  They have significant knowledge on canine genetics and breed improvement schemes, all having (over the years), held prefixes with Australia's kennel club, the ANKC.

As protectors and custodians of our breed, our breeders abide by our Code of Ethics and will (and have) enforce Agreements that serve to protect our developing breed and bloodlines. We are working towards developing our breed using the Australian National Kennel Club regulations for a new breed in Australia.


Due to the protected nature of our breeding program and developing our breed, we are under no illusions how long it may take, but for us, it's important that we protect our breed by using specific contracts for the breed's exclusivity and protection.


For us, it's about quality - not quantity, as well as a slow and steady pace that will enable us to achieve formal recognition in the future.

Below:  "Lykosia Caesar" bred and photographed by Lykosia

Lykosia Caesar


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