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Lykos Breed Standard

General Appearance:  Medium bone and athletic in appearance.  Slightly longer than tall, with legs slightly longer than overall depth of body.


Elbows:  Close fitting to the chest


Chest:  Medium chest, not broad.


Body: Level topline with smoothly sloping croup


Head:  Not too broad. Slightly domed skull.  Medium stop. Strong muzzle that is long and gently tapering.


Lips: close fitting and always dark. Nose must be black.


Eyes:  Almond shaped, forward facing and set at a slightly oblique angle. Brown, yellow, amber and blue accepted.


Bite: Scissor Bite


Ears:  Set fairly high, not too large. Must be erect. Wide-set ears or ears too large are considered a fault.


Neck:  Strong and muscular.


Shoulders:  Moderately sloping, broad and fairly short but not steep.  Long tail reaching the hock. Tail carried down when standing and may be lifted when excited. Medium-long hocks.


Feet: Oval.  Rear dewclaws must be removed within 3 days of birth if possible. Toenails of black or white or mixture of both.


Fore feet:  Pasterns strong


Coat:  Dense double coat, soft in texture. Plush in appearance. Long coats permitted. Well defined ruff and breaches. Bushy tail.


Gait:  Smooth, far reaching ground covering gait.


Size at Wither: 

Dogs 55-65 cms, 30-40 kgs. 

Bitches 55-65cms, 25-35kgs.

Balance is more important than size.


Colour:  Any shade of red, grey, sable/agouti or black with white.  Dark masks must cover most of the face, in particular a darker bar down the middle of the face. White faces without mask are not desired unless the dog is mostly white or solid white. All colours should mimic naturally occurring true wolf colours.

Temperament:   Never unnecessarily reactive or or timid. Friendly and laid back. Willing to please and easily trainable, from basic training to competitive dog sports such as agility, obedience, endurance, herding etc. 

Faults: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree. Male dogs are to have two testicles descended into scrotum.

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