Introducing the Lykos

The aim and purpose of the Australian Lykos Development Project is to create a friendly, family companion and highly trainable pet which physically resembles a wolf ("wolfalike"), while having the highest ethics in breeding. This breeding program is the first of its kind in Australia, and to our knowledge - the world - as our dogs have no wolf content.

The Australian Government's Department of Agriculture and Water Resources does not allow wolves, wolf hybrids or breeds with wolf content into Australia - with good reason.  There are wolf-like dog breeders overseas advertising their dogs as having "no wolf content", but when investigated, it was found that these dogs were being grossly and falsely misrepresented, as they did in fact have wolf content.  If animals with any wolf content are found in Australia, owners can face severe consequences and animals seized and euthanised. It's simply not worth it.

Although all dogs descended from the wolf 10,000 years ago, the temperament of wolves or even wolf hybrids is not something that is desirable in a pet/domestic dog.  They can have unstable temperaments and require a huge amount of work. The Lykos is bred as a family pet and companion dog, yet versatile enough to also be Assistance and Sporting Dogs.

Above: dogs bred by breed founder and developer, Brooke Taylor of Lykosia wolfalikes.
Lykosia Caesar was featured in a recent Volkswagen ad. He was selected out of a vast group wolf look-a-like dogs from all over Australia!

There are currently Lykos dogs used for scent detection (Lykosia Quinn - under Melbourne University), Service Dogs (Lykosia Ulric), Therapy Dogs (Lykosia Willow) and TV and commercial dogs (Lykosia Caesar). Our breed is smart, and versatile and well suited to being family pets. Lykosia Quinn also partakes in bikejoring, tracking, lure coursing and sledding and will be trialling very soon.

We are in this for the long haul and we are very passionate about creating magnificent looking dogs of wonderful health and temperament suitable for Australian families.

Over thousands of years, man has created hundreds of dog breeds for many different purposes. New breeds are still in development even today.  All breeds that exist are a direct result of man-made endeavours to create something new and different for a particular purpose - using pure breeds and crosses to develop their ideals. This is our unique breed we are developing, unlike any other in existence in Australia - or the world for that matter (as our breeding program does not contain dogs of wolf content).

Our Code of Ethics is of the highest calibre.  Our project does not advocate breeding for money, hence the reasonable cost of puppies from our breeders.  Our breeders also sell puppies with written health and lifetime genetic guarantees. Only excellent hip/elbow results acceptable for breeding (10 maximum i.e. 5 each hip, and no more than 1 on elbows).  We also use the technology of DNA health testing to ensure no dog bred with carries any hidden genetic diseases.

The Lykos breeding program is closely managed by dedicated, knowledgeable and ethical breeders with vast experience in canine behaviour, breeding, health and genetics.  Read more about our breeding requirements in our Code of Ethics.