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At this stage of the breeding program, (8 years since the start of the breed development)  we have never encountered any dogs or their ancestors to have eye issues, cataracts or blindness. 

If people wish to test dog's eyes, this can be done at a veterinary eye specialist. This is not a breeding requirement and is purely optional.

The cost is about $100-130 and is done annually to check eye health.

The Australian Canine Eye Scheme (ACES) is a national assessment system for registered dog breeds, offering qualified certification for a range of congenital and inherited eye conditions. Mixed breed dogs can get the test done, but cannot get an ACES certificate.

Due to the Lykos Wolfalike or any "wolfalike" not being a "registered dog breed with the Australian National Kennel Council", any breeder claiming to do ACES eye health certifications is misleading the public.

It's a good idea to ask for copies of health tests such as this from any breeder claiming to have this done.
Eye tests can be carried out, and a copy of the results supplied to the owner, but will not have ACES eye health certification.


Eye Testing

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