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We are so excited to announce that we will be holding our 2023 show this year as an online fun show!

It will be nice exposure for the breed and a fun (and easy) opportunity to showcase your beautiful Lykos Wolfalike!

The show is open to all club members and their registered dogs.  Since it's online, everyone can participate - even those from interstate!  We are making it as simple as possible for our members as most people have never entered their dogs in anything like this before!

Not a member yet?  Head to our online shop and add your membership to your cart to join up!

Our online show is open to entire dogs as well as neutered dogs. 


To enter, head to the show entry page HERE


Fill out the above form and pay for your entry online ($25 per dog).

The class you enter will be dependent on the age of your dog. 


Class 1 Baby Puppy Bitch: 3-6 months of age (female)

Class 1a Baby Puppy Dog: 3-6 months of age (male)


Class 2 Minor Puppy Bitch: 6-9 months of age (female)

Class 2a Minor Puppy Dog: 6-9 months of age (male)


Class 3 Puppy Bitch: 6-12 months of age (female)

Class 3a Puppy Dog: 6-12 months of age (male)


Class 4 Junior Bitch: 9-18 months of age (female)

Class 4a Junior Dog: 9-18 months of age (male)


Class 5 Intermediate Bitch: 18 - 36 months of age (female)

Class 5a Intermediate Dog: 18 - 36 months of age (male)

Class 6 Open Bitch: 6+ months (female)

Class 6a Open Dog: 6+ months (male)

After you enter, you will then be emailed the link (or accepted into) to the Lykos Wolfalike online show 2023 Facebook group where you can upload your photos/videos.


Your video will show the dog in a trot/extended, moving around in a circle and up and back in a line.


Your photos will show the dog's front and side head portrait, as well your dog standing square from the front, side, and back.

We will share some examples in the Lykos Dog Owners Group

Due date for entries:  30 April 2023




There will be ribbons awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for each class. Winners of each group will receive ribbons and Best in Show and Runner Up Best in Show will receive trophies and an extra special mystery prize! 


Ribbons and prizes will be mailed out after the show or given to our local members at our next get together. 

Remember, you just need to have fun and you don't need to be a professional photographer!

We will also be holding some get togethers for people where we can help people with the videos and photos. This will be advertised in the Lykos Dog Owners Group

Need help? Email your questions into the club to


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